Johan Theodor Girmscheid (1836-1930)
maker of clay pipes


son of Mathias Girmscheid and Anna Maria Hofmann
spouse of Elizabeth Rees (1831-1904)


  • was born on 15 June 1836 at Leeuwarden (Nld) In het geboortenregister ingeschreven met alleen de voornaam Johan.
  • Joannes Gerbenscheid was christened on 15 June 1836 at Leeuwarden (Nld) (Sint Bonifaciuskerk) als Joannes Gerbenscheid.
  • is maker of clay pipes in 1857.
  • died on 1 January 1930 at Exeland (WI).
   not dated
  • was buried at Milwaukee (WI) (Holy Trinity Cemetery).
  • has immigrated Arrived in Milwaukee in 1857 at the age of 21..

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